How To Make A Hanging Flower Pot Flourish


hanging flower basket can be created in a range of ways and using various materials, but most importantly, you will need to ensure that you maintain it well to enable your hanging flowers to flourish and bloom.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Flowers
  • Basket
  • Potting mix and soil
  • Mulch
  • Water
  • Watering can
  • Soil vitamins
  • Water retaining materials
  • Flower preservation packets
  • Bleach

Step 1: The Soil

The soil is a crucial element that will help the flowers flourish. Make sure you add water-retaining elements to it to improve the level of water the flowers receive. There are specialized gels which allow this to be achieved more effectively, thus improving the probability that your flowers will flourish and bloom. Soil vitamins are also available to make the soil more nutritious. Adding some mulch is another simple way to ensure constant soil temperature and an overall stable moisture level. Some people also apply some compost to the soil, as it improves the soil's structure, aeration and fertility, thus helping the flowers flourish more. Organic fertilizer is usually recommended, both for effectiveness and safety purposes. There are some experts who recommend adding some bleach in order to kill any bacteria which might prevent the flowers from thriving, but it is crucial to add very little, otherwise you might harm the flowers. This is a cheaper alternative to buying flower preservation packets.

Step 2: The Drain System

Keep in mind that excess water will need to drain away effectively. Keep an eye on your basket's drain system, making sure that the basket has enough space for the roots of the plants and flowers to settle and grow freely while the water can sustain them effectively and is not retained longer than necessary. If you notice any space restrictions or unnecessary water retention, then act quickly to solve the problem before your hanging plant suffers.

Step 3: Watering

Needless to say, in order for the flowers to flourish and bloom, you need to water them regularly and with enough water to sustain their needs. Sometimes, it is advisable to mist your flowers and leaves, even from the sides if the flowers that have started to grow and dangle downwards from the basket. This will freshen them up and moisten their petals, especially during the hot summer months.

Step 4: Lighting

If you do not have much sunlight reaching your flowers, it is best that you install an artificial light above the flower basket. This will supply the flowers with the light they need to flourish and thrive.

Step 5: Check Regularly

Bear in mind that you cannot simply hang the flower basket and leave it unattended. Apart from watering, you will need to consistently check it for any problems, such as insects, fungi and any diseases. Checking the flowers and plants regularly will ensure that they bloom more and also prolong their life and looks.



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